Grounding, or as some call it Earthing, can be very beneficial to your overall heath.



The main goal of grounding / earthing is to release any built up electrical charges that accumulate in and on our bodies. An Electrical charge is the quantity of unbalanced electricity in the body (either positive or negative) and construed as an excess or deficiency of electrons. The theory behind Grounding is really just a basic energy concept of neutralizing or cancel-ling out any extra electrical charges. Inflammation can be squelched by Earthing because you are neutralizing the free radical charges.

The Elephant in the living room is Inflammation and the list of diseases that stem from it are huge.

During the normal processes of metabolism the body generates what are called ‘reactive oxygen species’ which are commonly referred to as ‘free radicals’. These compounds appear to be important, at least in part because they have the ability to attack and destroy unwanted things within the body including bacteria and viruses. However, too many free radicals are a bad thing, and have been implicated in chronic disease and well as the very process of aging. Free radicals are involved in the process known as inflammation, which is part of the healing process. However, low-grade inflammation throughout the body may lead to pain and other problems in the muscles and joints, and is also believed to be a key driving factor in many chronic diseases including heart disease and type 2 diabetes. In short, we want free radicals, but not too many. Free radicals lack sparks of energy known as ‘electrons’. One way to quell them is to give them electrons, and these can be supplied by nutrients such as vitamins A, C and E, and plant substances known as ‘polyphenols’ (found in, among other things, tea, coffee, cocoa and apples). However, substances we eat and drink are not the only way to get electrons into the body: earthing does this too. If the body has a positive charge on it, earthing allows electrons to flow into the body where, in theory, they can neutralize overblown free radical and inflammatory damage. Carrying a positive charge may well affect the body in lots of different ways, which means that earthing may offer a range of well-being benefits.


When grounding your body please take the precaution of being shielded from any RF or EMF radiation so you don’t become a carrier of additional electrical charges as they seek a ground. If you body is between a RF or EMF energy source and a ground and you are grounded, the energy will use your body as a conduit to the ground. Earthing the body can have affects on the physiological functions of the body in a variety of ways. Because of this, it is strongly recommended that any individuals taking medication to thin the blood, regulate blood sugar, control blood pressure, or to supplement thyroid activity should consult with their doctor before using earthing products or techniques, and then monitor the medication. An adjustment in medication may be necessary.

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