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What Brain Reward® did for me and why I have incorporated this product in my regimen each and everyday. Brain Reward® was the reason why I was able to get on a airplane without going into a toxic convulsion episode to travel to my daughter in CA, which is a very long flight. The Brain Reward® product I would take as my nerves would start to hurt and cause extreme anxiety. I was not able to think or process information due to cognitive decline. In 2010, I was devastated and feeling this was the end of my life, after taking this test by a Neuro Psychologist to prove I was not crazy however; I was chemically altered. Five years later I was introduced to Brain Reward® by Bill Downs, the founder of VNI. I immediately gave this Brain Reward® a try within the first week my cognitive ability started coming back. I understand the need to feed the brain. This was extremely important to restore cognitive activity and memory to my brain. Four years later I still use Brain Reward® for daily nutrition and preventive maintenance. I am extremely thankful for the help of this powerful nutrition, that was able to help my brain recover from Medically Diagnosed Brain Damage in 2010.


The current technique that I highly recommend, is to test our DNA for neuro transmitter deficiencies by taking the “GARS®” Genetic Addiction Risk Score®


Epigenetics and Nutrigenomics

We are learning more and more about epigenetics; that is the science that studies how lifestyle and environmental experiences exert a significant influence on gene expression and how that affects our behaviors. Nutrigenomics is a sub-category of epigenetics that studies how nutrition affects gene expression. 

The Genetic Addiction Risk Score® (GARS® ); A Comprehensive Clinical Version Of The Test Is A Patented Breakthrough Analysis of Genetic Factors Addressed by VNI’s RestoreGen™, the Patented, Prodosomed® DNA-Designed Precision Nutrition™ ‘Reward Deficiency Solution’.

The GARS test can test for genes in the Brain Reward Cascade that can identify individuals (i.e. children, adolescents or adults) at risk for development of excessive reward-seeking/reward deficiency behaviors. One measure of the importance of technology is the issuance of a US patent. The GARS commercial test received a patent, issued on September 11, 2018, from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO #10,072,289). 

You should receive your GARS Test results in about 7 – 10 days business days. Results of this test will indicate which of the six RestoreGen™ Formulas is the ideal companion to Brain Reward® to optimize YOUR Gene Expression and rebalance the neurotransmitters in the Reward Pathways of YOUR brain. RestoreGen™’s trademarked and/or patented technology is consistent with VNI’s pledge of quality and are made with premium science-based ingredients for optimal nutritional benefits.* 

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GARS Test Kit Restrictions 
– To order more than one GARS Test Kit, please call VNI Customer Care.
– Multiple GARS Test Kits ordered on any account must be for individuals associated with that account.
– Each individual that wishes to be tested must have an account or be associated with an account and order GARS Test Kit on that account.
– GARS Test Kits may not be kept in inventory or resold.
– GARS Test Kits may not be returned once shipped unless damaged in transit.
– To prevent damage and possible contamination, all GARS Test Kits are shipped separately from other products.

N-Sorb Is a multi-enzyme complex which which helps digest nutrients from foods.

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