Book an EMF Consulting Appointment with Beth Sturdivant, DIP. H. IR.

Beth Sturdivant is an Electromagnetic Sickness Survivor, Published Author, Certified Nutritionist, and holds a Diploma in Iridology. Over the last decade, Beth has been on a healing journey and has traveled the country seeking knowledge and help in understanding and reversing her diagnoses of electromagnetic field poisoning. What she discovered is the body can heal and will heal, if we provide it with the proper nutrition and a positive environment.

To begin to raise awareness and help others Beth wrote her book, “Backyard Secret Exposed,” as well as co-founded a 501c-3, The Academy for Environmental Sickness, with her daughter.

Based on experience, knowledge, and training, Beth is highly qualified to assess what might be keeping you from being the best you can be, and providing you tools to become proactive in preventing future or mitigating current health problems.

To schedule a consultation with Beth, or book her for a speaking engagement, please feel free to do so directly on this page.

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