Electromagnetic Sensitivity Overview


What is Electromagnetic Sensitivity?

It is a multitude of symptoms related to Electromagnetic Field exposure and it is currently under attack by those who wish you never figure it out. There are Scientific Studies proving the ill health effects of RF and EMF exposure which are being disputed by the established Industries involved in producing these products. Why? Money of course what else could it be? The worms in this can are about to climb out on their own as we collectively connect the dots.

There are multiple Names and Terms used to describe this Illness like Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), Microwave and Radiowave Sickness. This condition was discovered as early as 1932 by Erwin Schliephake a doctor in Germany who referred to the condition as “microwave sickness” or “radio wave sickness”. Backyard Secret Exposed uses and prefers the more generalized term of Electromagnetic Sensitivity because you don’t have to be bed ridden to be negatively affected by these Electromagnetic Fields.

The following video is a presentation by Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe of the United Kingdom. It was delivered to other medical doctors to educate and inform them on the very real dangers and possible solutions for healing ES. We highly recommend watching this short highly informative lecture.

Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe: British Society of Ecological Medicine from Lakesideman

Symptoms of Electromagnetic Sensitivity may appear wide-ranging and unspecific, because EMF and RF have direct affects on the nervous, immune and endocrine systems of the Human and Animal life Exposed. These affects often disable the effected persons ability to function and participate in social activities. Such as no longer being able to use Computers and Cell phones or be in the presence of Dirty Electrical Fields. This can translate into loss of employment and income which can not be replaced by Disability compensation because these conditions are not being addressed or acknowledged by our governments.

Most of time when discovered early before major long term damage is done the symptoms will go away once the effected individual is removed from the EMF / RF Pollution. However, the population is not getting strong enough warnings to connect the dots. Once the effected person is in a severe state of ill health, which requires additional medical attention, i.e. A Cancer or Autoimmune Disease,  the connection to the Root Cause may not be discovered if it is not searched for. Our current health care is in the business of managing symptoms not discovering the underlying root cause.

Symptoms by Body System:


Headaches, dizziness, nausea, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, irritability, depression, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, weakness, tremors, muscle spasms, numbness, tingling, altered reflexes, light headedness or vertigo, muscle and joint paint, leg, foot pain, anxiety or tension within the body (often experienced as inner agitation that seemingly comes from nowhere. In retrospect, the person is near a cell phone tower, cordless phone or Wi-Fi router).

Stroke, heart palpitations, arrhythmias, pain or pressure in the chest, low or high blood pressure, slow or fast heart rate, shortness of breath.

Diarrhea or Constipation, Nausea and Upset Stomach.

Mood-swings (the endocrine system, which governs our hormones, is highly affected by EMF pollution)

Skin rash, itching, burning, facial flushing

Auto Immune Diseases such as Parkinson’s, MS, ALS, Guillian Barrie, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue, Inability to heal quickly from virus, bacterial and parasitic infections (because the immune system is already over-taxed)

Shortness of breath, sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma.

Males – Reduced Sperm Count, Motility, Concentration and DNA Damage.

Females – DNA Damage to Ovaries and Eggs.

Babies – ADD, Learning Difficulties, DNA Damage and Breakage of Brain cells, Mood Changes. Test results are all from Rat Experiments not human babies.

Arm, finger and leg twitching (blinded tests have shown that EHS individuals experience involuntary finger movements when exposed to microwave radiation from radio towers)


EMF / RF Exposure Is Increasing By The Day

The massive Electromagnetic and Microwave Smog that now surrounds us all is continually being expanded to our detriment. As these Energy Spectrum’s become expanded and used our health suffers more and more.

National Broadband Plan

The National Broadband Plan, released by the FCC on March 17, 2010, sets out a roadmap for initiatives to stimulate economic growth, spur job creation and boost America’s capabilities in education, health care, homeland security and more. The plan includes sections focusing on economic opportunity, education, health care, energy and the environment, government performance, civic engagement and public safety.

National Broadband Maps

You can find out how polluted your specific area is by using the following Broadband Query Site.


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