EMF & Radiation Protection from a Military Project to You!

Proven And Documented To Be Effective!


5G EMF Radiation Protection and Immune System Boost

Important facts about the health risks of 5G EMF Radiation.

  • 5G EMF Radiation is up to 700x more powerful than original cell phone networks
  • Over 500 studies have shown that EMF Radiation is harmful to our health
  • More than 240 scientists with peer-reviewed research have signed a petition calling for stronger limits to EMF radiation exposure

Immune System Health

  • Our Immune System is under constant attack
  • A Strong Immune System is critical to fighting viruses, radiation, free radicals and inflammation

Dr. Kedar Prasad PhD – World’s First Radiation Biology PhD

Uniquely Qualified to formulate a supplement that addresses the health risks of 5G EMF Radiation and boost your immune system

Six years and $24+ million invested

14 clinical trials conducted with US Military, NASA and others.

Awarded 7 micronutrient patents incl. a patent on micronutrient protection against radiation.

Dr. Prasad’s products are all based on his 40+ years of research



You deserve products that work.
Your health depends on it

Dr. Prasad formulated products to work, not just to sell.

At 85 years old, Dr. Prasad’s products are like his children. They are his legacy.

Dr. Prasad is not about pseudoscience and half-truths.

Dr. Prasad is the science – He has published 26 books and over 250 peer-reviewed scientific articles.

  • World’s First Radiation Biologist
  • Discovered the anti-cancer potency of Vitamin E Succinate
  • Member of the Nobel Prize nominating committee for medicine
  • President of the International Society of Nutrition and Cancer
  • Member, British Royal Academy of Medicine
  • Full Professor, Univ. of Colorado Medical School for 30+ years

Micro Daily EMF

5G and EMF Radiation Defense and Immune System Boost

Same Micro Daily formula that was validated with the U.S. Military. Enhanced with 4 new ingredients scientifically validated to be effective in radiation studies.

Essential Natural Micronutrients that promote

  • 5G Protection
  • EMF Radiation Defense
  • Optimal Immune System Boost
  • Enhanced Anti-Inflammatory Response
  • DNA Integrity and Health
  • Anti-Aging at the Cellular Level
  • Increased Energy
  • Joint and Pain Relief
  • Whole Body Health
  • Contains Methylated Ingredients for Maximum Absorption

Micro Daily with CoQ10

Essential Natural Micronutrients that promote:

Original Military Formula developed to protect U.S. Troops from the Inside out

  • Optimal Immune System Boost
  • Enhanced Anti-Inflammatory Response
  • Anti-Aging at the cellular level
  • Natural Cellular Defenses
  • Increased Energy
  • Joint and Pain Relief
  • Whole Body Health

Brain Boost Daily with Turmeric and CoQ10

Essential Natural Micronutrients that promote optimal brain health.

Original Military Formula developed to protect U.S. Troops from the Inside out

  • Crosses the Blood Brain Barrier
  • Enhanced Brain Clarity
  • Improves Memory
  • Increases Energy
  • Promotes Mitochondria Growth
  • Supports Healthy Brain Aging

A strong Immune System is critical to fighting viruses, radiation, free radicals and inflammation.

Inflammation and free radicals are the result of viruses, a poor diet, stress, lack of sleep, our toxic environment and radiation attacking our bodies every day.

Micronutrients are critical to our health and provide our cells the nutrients they need to be optimally healthy.

Micronutrients help to neutralize free radicals and activate our bodies natural immune system and anti-inflammatory response so that we can feel our very best.

The toughest skeptics (US Military, NASA and others) were hard to please, but Dr. Kedar Prasad PhD did it.

Dr. Prasad is not about pseudoscience and half-truths. Health fads make his eyes roll. So in 2001, when the US Military wanted something simple, effective, and backed by real science that could protect our servicemen from the inside out and enhance their physical endurance, they didn’t just take Dr. Prasad’s word for it.

Boot Camp is easy compared to what the US Military demanded of Dr.Prasad. Six years, $24+ million and 14 successful clinical studies were what it took before Dr. Prasad satisfied the Generals and skeptics that his products could deliver. Because of this rigorous validation process, you can trust that Micro Daily will deliver the results that you are counting on to feel your very best.

The name of the product that Dr. Prasad validated with the US Military was Military Micronutrient Formulation. It is now called Micro Daily and available for everyone

$24+million invested with US Military, NASA and others


US Military led

Placebo Controlled

Double Blind

14 Clinical Studies

7 patents


In fourteen successful clinical studies with Marines under extreme physical and mental stress, Micro Daily was shown to decrease oxidative damage and show an increase in immune system competency as compared to a baseline placebo group.

82% # of marines who showed a reduction in oxidative stress

compared to placebo

50% Reduction in DNA damage

Low Dose Radiation Study

Creating evidence based products that improve our human health has always been in my DNA. I always believed micronutrients could be a game-changer for human health. When Congress, the US Military and private investors funded my research with over $24 million in 2001 – 2006 I had the chance to scientifically validate my belief with 14 clinical studies. The results confirmed my hypothesis – micronutrients in the right combination, the right quantity and the right form (CQF), promote optimal health.

6 years, 14 Studies, $24+ million

CQF – The Dr. Prasad Difference

We all care so much about what we put in and on our bodies, but when it comes to vitamins, we still rely on blind faith – do you know who formulated your vitamins? Too often, companies hide who formulated their products. They make their process and formulations intentionally confusing to keep their customers from knowing what’s really going on. Dr. Prasad has formulated with no unnecessary ingredients and with micronutrients in their best, highest quality and most absorbable forms.

Dr. Prasad’s secret to formulating great products is called CQF. This standard was developed over his 40+ years of meticulous research. When you see Dr. Prasad’s CQF seal, you can rest assured that the product is formulated with the Right Combination, the Right Quantity and the Right Form of ingredients that will deliver life changing results.

C = The Right Combination – Maximum Micronutrient Synergy

Q = The Right Quantity – Maximum Micronutrient Effectiveness

F = The Right Form – Maximum Micronutrient Absorption