Backyard Secret Exposed

Beth Sturdivant the author of Backyard Secret Exposed is a dynamic and successful business woman. She owns and operates two Subway restaurants and other commercial interests. She shares a beautiful life with her beautiful family in a beautiful new home. But hiding in Beth’s backyard is an ugly secret – one that will possess her mind and body and threatens to destroy her life.

It all begins one evening on the way home from a party: her Hummer is pulled over by the police and she is arrested on a DWI, without having consumed the alcohol required to sustain such a charge. This inexplicable event starts a chain reaction of baffling circumstances that ultimately leads Beth on a mission to find out what’s tormenting her.

Blindsided, with no means of defense, nor any help that appears available, Beth suffers persecution and misunderstanding while she travels the country during her desperate quest to expose this malicious secret and save her life.

You will not soon forget Backyard Secret Exposed — a true story of astonishing perseverance from the desperate woman who lived it.

“We were all shocked because we had never seen her sick or down. It took over her body like a disease would do to a person’s body. We felt helpless because we did not know what to do for her.” — Mary Ked Driver/Sister-in-law

“Beth’s personality started changing. She spent many days traveling to physicians for help with little results. Beth’s brain was in a dense fog, unlike our quick thinking daughter, always on her toes.” — Beth’s Mother

“You will discover through reading Beth’s book the many hidden obstacles out in our world today. Thank you Beth for never quitting! You helped save my life and I thank God for you and your book!” — Denise Blankinship/Airline Captain


“Knowledge is Power and so is Sharing” – BETH STURDIVANT

A true journey of healing and relearning how to live with all Environmental Stressors from the invisible waves that are surrounding us through WIFI, RF, POWER LINES, COMPUTERS, CELL PHONES, SMART METERS, SMART HOMES, etc …

Finally A True EMF & 5G Remedy

Protection from 5G EMF Radiation


The future of micronutrients is here!

5G Event Horizon Approaches

The epic battle rages on to determine the fate of all biological life exposed to the new 5G Technology.


5G Wireless Bandwidth Expansion

5G Wireless Is Coming, and It’s Going to Blow You Away, says David Talbot of MIT's Technology Review.The 5G Wireless rollout planned here in the USA is going to be larger than Europe's allotted 5G Wireless Bandwidth. So we can have Streaming HD video and full on 3D...

Vaxxed the Movie – From Cover Up To Catastrophe

This is one of the biggest issues you must learn about in order to protect you and your families health. Vaccines contain Poisons which kill and maim.Producer’s Statement – The Making of VaxxedFrom the moment I started working on this movie people have asked why I...
Cell Phone Radiation

US Government Funded Study on Cell Phone Radiation and Cancer

Huge US Government run study shows a significant correlation between Low Level Microwave Radiation from Cell Phones and Wi-Fi, causes Brain and Heart Cancer. The Results of an US Government Funded Study on Low Level Pulsed Microwave Radiation used in Cell Phones...

Smart Meter Radiation Poisoning

The new Smart Meters which are being installed and used to roll out the Smart Grid Electrical System, are causing major health issues around the country. In this Post I will touch on the major health concerns and how you maybe able to counteract the effects and...
Cell Phone Radiation

Cell Phone Radiation The Right To Know

Dr. Charlie Teo calls for a national Right To Know Law about Cell Phone Radiation at a lecture with Dr. Devra Davis at University of New South Wales Law School November 18, 2015 Learn more at Yes, we have a right to know from the makers of these...

Electromagnetic Sensitivity Overview

Cell Phones, Cell Towers, Wi-Fi and the Health Issues they Produce

Protection Measures and Tips for Reducing Exposure to EMF and RF Fields

Recovering Health after Exposure

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