Praise Reviews

“We were all shocked because we had never seen her sick or down. It took over her body like a disease would do to a person’s body. We felt helpless because we did not know what to do for her.”

Mary Ked Driver/Sister-in-law


“Beth’s personality started changing. She spent many days traveling to physicians for help with little results. Beth’s brain was in a dense fog, unlike our quick thinking daughter, always on her toes.”

Beth’s Mother


“This book is essential reading to understand how harmful, if not deadly, exposure to electronic and magnetic frequencies are. This accurate effort should be read by all.”

Russell M. Bianchi
Managing Director of Adept Solutions, Inc.
A Global Product Development Firm


“After receiving good environmental treatment, this patient got dramatically better. She was able to resume function in society.  Her saga shows that an individual who was very sick can recover with environmental manipulation if the individual persists like Beth Sturdivant did. I recommend this book.”

William J. Rea, M.D.
Environmental Health Center – Dallas. TX


“Beth is true inspiration with a lot of courage! Taking her life experience and laying it on the line, with the hope of educating and helping all of us, about the hidden dangers that affect us all on this planet, that are right in your backyard. Thank you Beth.”

Mike W. Pitts
Power Engineer


Backyard Secret Exposed is an eye opening book of one woman’s journey through being poisoned by what we all take for granted daily, electricity. When I was introduced to Beth and saw for myself the effects on her body as well as the agony to her family that EMF poisoning had done, I was completely shocked! I applaud Beth and her efforts to educate us all on how to protect ourselves and families so we can enjoy modern world technologies while taking care of our health in the process. Her road has been tough. However, I commend her efforts in recovery and for NOT giving up, nor accepting the status quo answers that all the educated doctors were giving her. “

Mona Lisa Wilcox
Florida State Certified General Contractor
Health and Wellness Advocate


” . . . I must decline any credit for your recovery. It is your persistence in getting to the bottom of your disease and not giving up on finding treatment options that helped you overcome your disease. You deserve all the credit.”

Dr. Jeff Phillippi


“You will discover through reading Beth’s book the many hidden obstacles out in our world today. Beth has been such an inspiration to me as I have seen her never stopping for answers, never giving up, and fighting for her life! Beth’s book will help people everywhere to stay on course to their final destination for good health! Thank you Beth for never quitting! You helped save my life and I thank God for you and your book!”

Denise Blankinship
Airline Captain


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