The Global 5G Infrastructure build out has begun and already Belgium and other countries are placing the Rollout on hold due to health concerns. This Technology has the potential to harm every living thing on the planet that comes in contact with it. No, it is not instant, so you will not really be positive of what caused the issue. If / when you do discover the root cause it will be too late, because the damage will have been done.


Brussels Halts 5G While UN Staff Member Pleads To Save Humanity From 5G Roll-out


Scientists Warn of Health Effects: Washington DC Council 5G Small Cell Roundtable


The United States is still wanting to go full steam ahead with the Rollout.

Trump Urgently Pushes for 5G! Elon musk Issues WARNINGS!!!




So we could ask the question: should we postpone the implementation until we have more assurances of safety, considering our health is at risk?