5G Wireless Is Coming, and It’s Going to Blow You Away, says David Talbot of MIT’s Technology Review.

The 5G Wireless rollout planned here in the USA is going to be larger than Europe’s allotted 5G Wireless Bandwidth. So we can have Streaming HD video and full on 3D for mobile use, but will we survive as a species. Dr. Talbot’s review for MIT did not address any possible health concerns or even mention health in anyway. However he did point to the increase in microwave radiation by stating the following:

“These are demonstrations of the kinds of astonishing capabilities that will be unleashed thanks to this month’s release of vast amounts of high-frequency spectrum by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission—a move that will make available several times more spectrum than has ever existed for wireless telecommunications—and a $400 million research effort announced by the White House.


The next-generation technology will eventually be defined in a standard that will be known as “5G.” It is expected to provide Internet connections at least 40 times faster—and with at least four times more coverage worldwide—than the current standard, known as 4G LTE.” – Original Source: Dr. Talbot’s review for MIT

Wow, The big question is how do we test for health safety independently? The usual way safety tests are done is side by side with the technology development team. More of a conflict of interest then any rational science. We need to be able to stop this before it is to late, if the data shows what we fear it will.

These Technologies have never in recorded history existed and perhaps there is a reason to delay their existence today. We may be missing a safer technology which may work even better, however with everyone looking in the microwave spectrum’s I doubt it will be discovered.

You can tell that the wireless technologies are be exposed when you start to see Law Firms around the country begin to represent Cancer Victims of Cellular Technology. This is the Smoking Gun or the Elephant in the Living Room. We need to Wake Up before it is too late to affect a change.



The Looming Health Risks of 5G Technology

In early March, the passage of the Mobile Now Act suggests that the United States government, including both the Senate and Federal Communications Commission, plans to expand 5G mobile broadband throughout the country. While many parties are focused on the potential advantages that 5G speed will provide for technology and communications, there are many experts who already beginning to predict that the implementation of 5G technology throughout the country will pose greater health risks than wireless technology already does.


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5G Wireless Technology is still under development so it is unclear what it will finally look like.

At this point the best we can do is to look at what has been presented in Europe for their 5G Wireless roll-out, which is ahead of the US by a year or more. The one thing that seems very clear is, to bring about the kind of connectivity that is needed for the IOT will require many more transmitters and receivers. This increased density and overlap directly translates to much higher microwave exposure to the biological systems of planet Earth.

The 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership, has been initiated by the EU Commission and industry manufacturers, telecommunications operators, service providers, SMEs and researchers. The 5G PPP will deliver solutions, architectures, technologies and standards for the ubiquitous next generation communication infrastructures of the coming decade.

Visit the 5Gppp site by clicking on the graphic below for further information and updates regarding the European roll-out.

The Internet of Things or IOT

The plan is to create a planet of things all talking to one another and the wireless network. This is supposed to assist us in our daily lives by having everything connected. What this could be considered instead is a very pervasive microwave kill zone. The only thing hiding the truth is a delay of time to the onset of health effects. This makes it possible to deny any harm until after the profits roll in. It is assumed something else will come around the corner to help everyone dismiss the harm of the old technology. It will be said that the technology was necessary to move ahead and to find safer alternatives in the future.

The mantra will be, we didn’t know any other way other then pulsed microwaves at the time to connect everyone. Well using that same thought process I would say that is not a justifiable argument. Lets make a simple analogy to show you what I mean. Lets say we just discovered fire because we witnessed a forest fire started by lightning. We also discovered animals on the forest floor that were cooked due to the fire. Since man had never smelled or tasted cooked meat this was a new discovery as well. So the next time these men wanted cooked food or fire to heat something up, would it be wise to try and initiate a lightening strike to set a new forest on fire or is more research needed?

Boundless Possibility is one of the headlines in Piplines new article on IOT Is The Future Of Successful Telecom and they also say companies are deciding that their business need IOT to survive.

And that’s just one example. All over the world, networks are gearing up to connect a wide array of devices to one another and to us. Gartner estimates that we’ll have 25 billion connected devices by 2020. Cisco’s John Chambers has said that number may be closer to 50 billion devices by 2020 and a staggering 500 billion by 2030. He has also pegged IoT as a $19 trillion market.


Countdown to Germ Cell Non-Reversible DNA Mutations - January 01, 2025 00:00








Countdown timer is Approximative based on the current spectrum expansion trend.


Germ Cell DNA Mutation Explained

The Germ Cells in Biological life refers to the seeds of life (Sperm, Ovum Egg, Plant Seeds). These cells are Immortal because there Teleomeres (The ends of DNA strands that allow replication without degradation) do not shorten as they divide and replicate. This allows a 75 year old male to father a child with a normal life span. The trouble comes in when Low Level Pulsed Microwaves destroy the cells ability to replicate without damage. This can create malformed babies with mutations or limit fertility altogether until Sterility eliminates biological life on planet Earth. Yes it is this Serious of a topic!

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