Are You Thankful Best Blog Post???


Please leave a comment below with what you are thankful for, so we can all share in your joy!!!


I am very thankful for the people I have met through this journey. When you continue to be proactive without the negative spirit, you draw positive actions for yourself. I want to say thank  Tom, for giving me better insight, with the energy instrument I am using.


I am  thankful for my children, the respect and honor they have everyday for their parents, elders, and people in general. I am  thankful for my children’s ability to share with others the importance of using electronic gadgets in a safer way, being proactive. I am thankful my children have self motivation and desire to be the best they can be each and every day. I am thankful my children are goal driven, being able to live for today but preparing for tomorrow.


I am thankful for my parents giving me a solid rock foundation to be able to stand alone, when needed. I am grateful  my parents made some pretty stand alone decisions to keep our health safer. I am thankful my parents grounded us in the scripture. I am grateful my parents taught us work ethic to always do the best jobs we can, No Excuses!


I am thankful for my work career, the privilege, I have had to train so many young children into great employees for others. I am thankful for the ability to be an entrepreneur my entire work career.


I am thankful for my body all the days it saved me from dying,  being under a major attack, that only God could have kept me here. I am thankful for the wisdom and knowledge I have gained on the bio effects, of electrical magnetic fields, so I can make a difference for others. I am thankful for the power company to have purchased my house, before I knew what was wrong with me.

I am thankful for being able to lean on The Lord, casting all my cares and burdens on Him. I am thankful for the freedom I have to express my opinion. I am grateful for the convenience of social media allowing your message to go places around the world, quickly. I am am extremely grateful for being able to write  and publish my book, Backyard Secret Exposed



“Be Thankful”

“Knowledge is Power and so is Sharing”

Beth Sturdivant