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 Today, I am blogging about receiving a phone call from Tammy. I always  get excited when I receive a phone call from anyone around the world. A mutual friend introduced us, by exchanging telephone numbers. We spoke realizing we have a common goal, this is to assist others with ES. She is well established in Minnesota of many years now. Tammy is highly experienced in the power of energy therapy and cell available food for her clients.

Tammy has many people come to her that are very sick and frustrated with this torturing debilitating problem, electric magnetic sickness. I, on the other end, have experienced the pain and suffering associated with this problem first hand. My experience is written in Backyard Secret Exposed , this allows  me so much credibility to be able to assist others. The more I can help others the more I help myself heal. Being in the way the Lord leads…I am thankful for all what I have experienced, even the pain. I rejoice in knowing what is truly going on in the electrified world today. This gives me power to know what to do to help alleviate the exposure, so I can continue to protect my family and others.


The point of  blogging is to encourage you to speak up, get motivated, and share with others. You never know who you know is in much need of valuable information. What if someone had share the knowledge with me, about living to close to power lines: would I have continued to move my family there anyways and harm them with radiation exposure? Absolutely not! I would not ever hurt my children intentionally. Please, take my experience, make it yours, to avoid danger and start blogging with others too. We are all responsible, as mankind, to do our part.

“Knowledge is Power and so is Sharing”
Beth Sturdivant

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