Dr. Charlie Teo calls for a national Right To Know Law about Cell Phone Radiation at a lecture with Dr. Devra Davis at University of New South Wales Law School November 18, 2015 Learn more at ehtrust.org


Yes, we have a right to know from the makers of these devices and our regulatory agencies, that these technologies have the capacity to adversely effect our health and kill everyone on the planet. This should not be left to debate no matter how much money is at stake.

How many warnings from doctors will it take for us humans to heed the wise council of these brave men and women? Our drive to survive has been subjugated to one specie’s of material (FIAT Currency) which does not have any real intrinsic value. To me it seems like the human drive to survive has been replaced by the idea that money is our main means of survival, however, money is an illusion. What I see all around me are people who are half awake going about their lives with the main goal of getting / making enough money to be financially free as the saying goes. The trouble with this is that we can displace our natural instinct to survive with one of acquiring enough FIAT money that we feel secure, but nothing can be further from the truth.

If you are new to this subject reviewing the Don’t Install Microwave Wi-Fi, testimony to the LA City Council post will allow you to better understand this post.

So how did we get to this place in time where we have destroyed our natural environment and crave poisons such as, Nicotine, Aspartame, MSG and of course Microwave energies (we just don’t refer to them by their real names). Can we figure out the root causes of all these highly detrimental habitats and addictions? If we were thinking rationally, we would have never introduced such harmful afflictions on our race. These memes’ are allowing us to covertly commit suicide which goes against our natural instinct to survive.

Didn’t we already figure out that Microwaves can cook things on a molecular level? Think Microwave Oven and then ask yourself, why are we putting these microwave transmitters next to our brain without shielding or concern? Why are we, as a race, ignoring our own intelligence on these subjects? Granted, in some very small cases, such as children who don’t understand very much, or those who are possibly unaware of the inherent dangers due to a lack of knowledge, there should be a thought that crosses the minds of anyone who purchases a cell phone or Wi-Fi transmitter; that this is the same technology that cooks food. If not, then we really are quite ignorant as a race.


Cooking Brain

Your Brain on Microwaves

“So ask yourselves what happened to our ability to put one and one together?  Is it really that difficult to figure out that Microwaves heat up biological tissue to the point of death, which we then embrace and hold to our heads for hours a day. It sounds to me as if we live in a mass suicide society. There must be another reason and we must figure it out if we are to Survive.”


Back to our search for the root cause which, I am going leave up to you, the reader, to determine for yourselves. I am going to provide you with as many of the catalysts as I can so you can make an informed decision. We will start with who we trust to inform us of danger as if we are not able to figure this out for ourselves.

Alleged Authorities that promote themselves as our protectors (i.e. Government Agencies, Belief Systems, Corporations, Highly Degreed, etc.) who are really just as vulnerable to propaganda as the rest of us because they are us. We all have very powerful reasoning abilities and our brains are very powerful multi functional computational processing units. Just like computers which have an old adage attributed to them of “Garbage In, Garbage Out” means that a virus or in the human case a Meme or Bias can have devastating consequences.

Even some of our belief systems train us from early on not to trust ourselves. Anyone who wishes to control another for their personal satisfaction / gain uses these same techniques, like how a con artist first attempts to get an individual to distrust his or her own feelings and intelligence. So this type of training, which we think is so beneficial in creating an upstanding person of moral integrity, is really part of a control system to keep us from reality and our innate ability to make wise decisions based on our own knowledge. Why? Because we do not understand the inherent danger that comes from giving our power of rational thought to others we deem as Authorities. This is having a very negative effect on our ability to perceive danger and harm. This also maybe contributing to the narcissistic tendencies we are seeing in society in general by shutting down our ability to open our minds to the very real possibility that we are wrong or that we have been deceived.

Rationalizations, Normalcy, Probability (Wishful Thinking) and Conformation bias’s are the main tools we use to allow ourselves to ignore the elephant in the living room. Unfortunately the consequences of keeping an Elephant in the living room can not be avoided, cell phone radiation exposure has delayed effects which come on slowly so you don’t notice the cause. So why do we want to believe lies and mis-truths to our own demise? We are smart enough to develop and invent these technologies, so why are we not able to understand that these things represent Death if used improperly.

It astounds me, that the same people who say something like Microwave Radiation that is inherently dangerous to the entire human race is safe, can be so short sighted. They must not understand that their greed and hubris is going to affect them and their offspring as well. Otherwise, I can’t imagine sane people lying and telling others that a harmful substance won’t hurt them. Perhaps we have allowed the Psychotic Psychopath to take over our highest offices and tell us what we want to hear so we don’t have to take full responsibility for our lives.

If we as a race don’t wake up and place real meaning on life, which requires our taking responsibility for our actions, we will all be extinct like the dinosaurs in the not to distant future. If we do nothing and debate this issue much longer, the damage may be irreversible.

Don’t allow these failures in rational thought dissuade you from researching the true hidden dangers of our society, which will harm you and those you love. Then when you fully understand enough to make informed decisions, take action, without regard for ridicule and disdain because others do not share your opinions. Help those people understand that no matter what they believe they are being exposed too. Facts are facts and wishful thinking is very dangerous. I am sure most people have heard about the potential danger of cell phones and yet we tell ourselves it can’t really be all that bad or someone would have said something, or the government would outlaw the technology. Well governments are slow to act when purchased and money never stops even if it means destroying someones reputation or even killing. I for one choose not to be slowly cooked like a hamburger, how about you?

We must be courageous if we are to survive. Perhaps if we changed the names of the items in question to include more of the truth, we as a society might change our minds. For brevity sake I will only list a few suggestions:

“Wi-Fi” gets changed to “Open Air Microwave Transmitter/Receiver”
“Cell Phone” gets changed to “Microwave Phone”

“Cell Tower” gets changed to “Pulsed Microwave Directed/Blanket Energy Weapon”
“Wi-Fi network in schools” gets changed to “Open Air Microwave Transmitter/Receiver Blanket Energy Weapon”

So what do you think? Will changing the name to include words associated with danger (just a meme’) actually work to bring attention to the danger? Did you ever wonder why people with pacemakers are not safe to be around Microwave Ovens, oh and these Microwave Ovens are supposed to be shielded so no harmful radiation escapes.

Please share this post with as many of your friends as possible so we can stop this madness before it is too late.

Beth, the creator of the Backyard Secret Exposed has been our Canary in the Coal Mine and it is time to evacuate the mine if we are to Survive as a species.

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