“Today I was thinking of how much I have improved as the weather is quite messy, cloudy and gloomy.”  I used to feel the weather approaching days before arrival. I am feeling very thankful and blessed; overcoming this challenge that most ES people suffer from each and every storm.


What are Electrical Sensitivities?

Many persons suffer from sensitivities to certain foods and environmental chemicals which cause them discomfort, or even in extreme cases prevent them from functioning in any effective manner. Even the most minute amounts of these substances may on occasions ‘trigger’ reactions which are specific to each individual.

Warnings regarding nuts, peanuts or gluten are commonly found displayed on food products. When a sensitivity reaction occurs, some regulatory system within the body has ceased to function properly and gives alarm signals, calling for an unjustified panic reaction.

Usually, it is the autonomic nervous system (ANS) which is the first to become compromised in this way. This system controls all the involuntary body functions. Thus, any part or function of the body might become affected by the same allergen acting in different people which is why such effects do not show up in medical statistics.

 Those who have already acquired several chemical hypersensitivities and which are ‘on-going’ are at particular risk of acquiring electrical sensitivities as an additional problem. The allergen ‘triggering effect’ may transfer from a minute amount of some chemical in the environment to some patient-specific frequency of an electromagnetic field in the environment.

Usually, it is the same patient symptoms that continue to be ‘triggered’. It is the frequency of the electromagnetic field that matters once some patient-specific threshold of intensity or field strength has been exceeded.

The range of effective coherent frequencies extends from below a thousand seconds per cycle (circadian rhythms) through audio- and radio- and microwave-frequencies to visible light. All these effects are ‘non-thermal’: the electrical power is insufficient to produce any significant heating.

It is the frequency that matters. In technical terms, it is the spectral power density or the watts per cycle of bandwidth of the radiation which matters. The more precise the frequency the less power is needed. Coherence makes frequency a fractal linking its chemical, microwave and biological effects….read more



Bad Weather

Bad Weather


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