Some scientists are trying to warn the public about the real dangers inherent in low level Microwave Wi-Fi and Cellular technology to the publics health. Are you listening?



How do we keep our children safe from DNA damage?

Children’s Health Expert Panel: Cell Phones & Wi-Fi―Are Children, Fetuses and Fertility at Risk?


What if there is enough evidence that this Microwave technology is not as benign as we are lead to believe by the powerful telecommunications industries?

Companies all over the globe have a huge incentive to hide the dangers of this Technology.


What if this new technology is not really new at all, but left over military technology from the cold war?

Microwave Technology And Its Use Against Humanity.



What if this technology comes out of the Military weapons labs?

The Military will continue to find new uses for this Technology.


What if low level Microwave technology has the capacity to harm the entire human race by causing DNA damage at the cellular level which could cause mutations in stem cells like ovarian eggs (The seeds of human life on planet Earth).



What if Microwaves can destroy our genetics within 2 or 3 generations?

What if the human race ceases to exist because of mutations?

Am I being a fear monger? No, because everything I have just put into questions for you to ponder about Microwave Wi-Fi and Cellular technology are proven true facts. This is reality according to the current understanding of Microwave Science. In other words we already know it can and does do this type of harm to the health of DNA based biological systems. This is not conjecture or hypothesis, these are the facts about what this technology does. The real question we all need to ask ourselves:

Is using Microwave Technology worth the consequences, because any sane adult would have already concluded that it is not worth the risks?

The way most of us answer questions like this, is not enough. We have biases that cause us to make many poor judgments and mistakes. We tend to not concern ourselves with consequences when those consequences are far off in the future, like several generations. So do we head off into oblivion just because we can not foresee and accept the reality of the consequences? If so we have not come very far from the unenlightened era of the Dark Ages.

If you want to know more on how Electromagnetic Radiation can effect a persons health from a person with firsthand knowledge, please read my book Backyard Secret Exposed.


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