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"Electric Sense Beware"

“Electric Sense Beware”


I want to thank Electric Sense for taking the time to read my book and leave a review on his page.

Lloyd Burrells said,

It’s a very moving account of Beth’s personal struggle with illness. It took her years to figure out what was behind her declining health. What’s outstanding in this book is the level of detail. It really is a blow-by-blow account of Beth’s life as it gets taken over by electrical sensitivity. I know what electrical sensitivity feels like. I’ve experienced it first hand. In my case it hit me like a bolt of the blue one day when I put the cell phone next to my ear.

Cell phone next to ear = pain
No cell phone next to ear = no pain

It was that simple. I didn’t have to figure out what was making me sick. For Beth, as is the case for many people, it was a gradual slide. She became forgetful, she couldn’t remember numbers, one night she got lost driving home on a road she’d driven on many times, she experienced sudden unexplained swelling and weight gain. These are just some of her symptoms.
It’s not easy to put into words how devastating electrical sensitivity can be, the physical pain, the financial hardship, the despair and the lack of support from loved one’s. Beth carries this off brilliantly.
Some of Beth’s symptoms were extreme. Just going into someone’s home with electricity could, and often did, cause her to retch on the spot, which would …

See more at: http://www.electricsense.com/8763/backyard-secret-exposed-emf-journal-healing-path-back-to-life/#sthash.Lysk4nWz.dpuf

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Thank you, Beth Sturdivant

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