EMF Poisoning Exposed with New Earth Nation Interview!!!

EMF Poisoning Exposed: Here is the recent interview by New Earth Nation – Adventures Into Sovereignty. Beth discusses the saga of her quest to recover her health from Electromagnetic poisoning from the power lines in her backyard. This is a chilling story of health deterioration, followed by a quest to hold Duke Energy Corporation accountable.

Beth is the first person to win a disability suit based upon EMF poisoning. It is also a hopeful story, as Beth also shares the methods that have worked for her as she slowly regains her health. The journey that one should travel, depends on the journey of how one can travel when they are allergic to the entire environment poisoning her. A true Pioneer, surviving the invisible poisoning that can only be felt not seen. In her Book she goes in more depth making the information become clearer on ways we can all be safer. Consider this day to inform others and pass the information you will hear in this interview.

“Support Educating Others on Exposure Making Our Habitat Safer”


The Academy for Environmental Sickness, is on a mission to help educate others. TAFES, is sharing preventable ways for cell phone and computers use with children to be safer.  We are also supporting the Autism awareness on ways to teach parents to make their house safer with less stress to their children sensitivities. Please send your donations too: PO Box 455, Pineville, NC 28134.


In every thing give thanks!
Beth Sturdivant
I Thessalonians 5:18