Health and Nutrition Life Unlimited!!!

Are you in balance with your Health and Nutrition? I am amazed with so many people who truly do not believe in themselves enough, to take any responsibility in Health and Nutrition Life Unlimited. We had so many people say at our recent health and nutrition fair: “You will die of something”, “I am cursed with this by genetics”, “I do not have any time”, “I have better things to do with my money”, “I do not want to deny myself of particular foods or drinks”, “I do not like to follow a plan”etc.

I am here to agree with you, YES! we will all die of something, this is a given. We are born with a gun, our genetics, but not the bullet to shoot our self with. Choices and lifestyle we make will depend on the disease… we shoot ourselves with what we call “Genetics”. Time is a word that is used to reverence, “I do not want to do this”. People will always purchase what is important. Denying yourself of a particular food is only an “excuse”. I am not good following a plan means, “I do not want to be committed or obligated”.

I want to encourage everyone to re think your thoughts, be careful what you wish for and speak with your mouth. Health and Nutrition are your biggest attributes that you can reward yourself with, living your life unlimited until you meet your Maker.

I am speaking with first hand experience. I could only wish,  I would have taken time to put my health and nutrition first. The price I have paid for not keeping my body in tact with nutrition is; missing out on living life, missing out on making memories with my children, working in my restaurant I love, and not having the best marriage I could possibly have. If I had my choices over to do again, I would always take time for me. Please make today your day to start loving you.

Health and Nutrtion Life Unlimited???

Whats on your plate???


Beth Sturdivant
John 7:6
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