I Believe In Myself!!!



Breath of Fresh Air

I Believe in Myself, I

Trust Myself, I will
BE … Myself.

The power of you believing in you is greater than anyone. We are in charge of our destiny not others. We are to protect our self from the wickedness of this world, avoiding temptations that destroy our temple. We must meditate everyday and breathe from our head to our toes. We must believe that we can be all what we want to be and more. We have no limits in true nature and what God provided for us free.

We must have patience to be in control of our self and to help others. We must be willing to do what others wont do; to have what others wont have. We must trust our self to be free from doubt, which is fear. We must love our self in order to be our self. I choose to be all I can be… I feel to be all I can be… I am all I can be to be all I can be…

I believe in myself!!!

Beth Sturdivant

John 14:1