London Book Fair

London Book Fair

London Book Fair April 2014


The London Book Fair is one of those world events that seems to garner more and more accolades as the years pass—and with that, it also adds more attendees and features.

The 2013 fair added some new features, many of which added traffic throughout the hall.  2013 also saw a move for the New Title Showcase to a busier area, and 2014 will bring even more changes to the popular exhibit, hopefully maxing out the traffic.

 The New Title Showcase is most definitely a loved feature for the audience at The London Book Fair—and audience that includes book buyers, agents, publishers, editors, librarians, distributors and so many more—making the New Title Showcase (organized by Combined Book Exhibit) an ideal location for optimum exposure!


Sub Title: A Journal of My Healing Path Back to Life
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit > Inspiration & Personal Growth
Author: Beth Sturdivant


Who Attends?

This year saw the launch of London Book and Screen Week, celebrating the importance of the book and the written word at the heart of creative content across all formats.

The London Book Fair took place in the middle of the week, and welcomed exhibitors from 67 countries and staged the biggest International Rights Centre in its 43 year history with 550+ tables. From the Publishing for Digital Minds Conference to the new London Writer’s Fair spanning the entire week, attendance exceeded 24,000 people from 124 countries.


The Market Focus 2014 was Korea, and celebrated the rich tapestry of the publishing industry in Korea through the cultural and professional program-me.

The London Book Fair trended on Twitter for the entire week, and followers climbed to 29,000+ throughout the fair.

Thank you for your support!!!!
Beth Sturdivant
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