We have received an excellent review for Backyard Secrets Exposed from the NZ Journal of Natural Medicine.

The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine is and excellent publication with a fabulous staff of writers and researchers. The NZ Journal is a one of a kind Independent, Alternative Medicine Journal with valuable and actionable advice on the newest medical findings not necessarily found in the main stream medical journals due to conflicts of interest.

This is one of the few, very good sources of natural medicine advice and information which is current and exciting to learn about. When you focus on true natural medicine you find health issues can be combated successfully without dangerous pharmaceutical side effects. Your health and well being actually improve instead of getting worse or more complicated.

“This issue’s review section features the compelling personal story of Beth Sturdivant who developed electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome while living in close proximity to high voltage power lines. Despite a plethora of severe and disabling symptoms, Beth did not give up and she has now largely recovered from this environmental illness and has written the book Backyard Secrets Exposed to share her experience with others.”

To read the entire review you will need to purchase the full issue at the link below.



The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine Issue 16

The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine Issue #16