The question of harm to our children has been answered by several¬† large Scientific Studies to date including a new one from the US Government itself. So if we all ready know wireless radiation has significant health risks to developing children, why then are we installing these networks in public schools? Even if the risks were minimal, which they are not, by mandating our children go to these schools our school system is actually committing Genocide against our children and the possibly permanently damaging the human races’ ability to procreate and continue to exist.

Wireless Radiation from Wi-Fi transmissions does mutate germ cell line RNA. This means it damages the DNA of Ovaries and Sperm and adolescence during this crucial development phase between 9 and 16 years of age. Watch the following testimony by Dr. Lennart Hardell and decide for yourselves.


The AAP Letter Supporting the Cell Phone (Wireless) Right to Know Law detailing children’s absorption:

The European Unions Resolution 1815 on Recommendations for Wireless Radiation:

Former CDC Director Dr. Chris Portier is calling for precautions:

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Letter to the FCC:

Letter From the EPA detailing how Federal Guidelines DO NOT PROTECT the Public From Long Term Exposure:

Letter from Harvard Autism Expert Dr. Herbert Recommending Safe Technology In Schools:

Letter from World Health Organization Experts Calling for Safe Technology to the U.S. Secretary of Education:

Dr. Blank, Dr Johansson, Sinatra, Dr Carpenter Letters Advising Against Wireless systems:

Countries Taking Precautionary Action to Reduce the Publics Exposure to Wireless Radiation:

Collaborative For High Performing Schools Best Practices For Technology in Schools:

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